About Us

We Work Hard To Provide The Solar Systems That Harness Trouble-Free Renewable Source

SunnyWell Energy is a Canadian e-commerce store found in Toronto. Our online store offers a wide variety of renewable energy products and services for RV, marine and cottage applications. We have been assisting DIY’s and installers from New Brunswick to Nevada (and even further) since 2018. We have a detail-oriented approach to our solar kit designs, ensuring that our customers harness free and affordable renewable energy. This online store is created to make your renewable energy experience trouble-free and enjoyable.

Our Vision

Energy is everywhere. We live in an extraordinary era where solar energy can be converted to usable electricity or stored for later use. In fact, renewable energy technology is rapidly evolving allowing more people to be less dependent on the central grid. It also gives an opportunity to be an owner of a small self-generation infrastructure. We strive to provide the best products on the market and assist people in the energy transition adventure.

SunnyWell Energy is one of the leading renewable energy online stores in Canada’s market. Thank you for your trust in us. Each of you plays a vital role in making our planet greener.

Solar bench

Solar Diagram Services

Electrical Diagram

Going green has never been that easy. You have questions, we have answers. SunnyWell Energy team wants to make sure you have the right products depending on the purpose. Therefore, we are offering free consultations and solar diagram services for our clients. You’ll receive a complete design along with technical content. prepared by one of our solar engineers. It’s an ideal solution for those who don’t know where to begin with and what’s required. So hop on board and start your next solar DIY project today.

Our Team

SunnyWell’s team strives to share their knowledge to deliver the best service and choose the right product. We have been on the market for over four years, consulting and designing diagrams for clients from all over the world. Please shoot us an email as your renewable journey is about to begin.

Terms And Conditions

Dear Customers,
Thank you for choosing SunnyWell Energy and building our renewable future together. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before making a purchase. Accepting the order, you (“the customer”) agree to accept SunnyWell Energy Terms and Conditions, which are subject to change without any prior written notice.
  • Please note that the orders submitted after 5 pm will be processed on the next business day.
  •  To submit a purchase over CAD 1,000, please contact our technical sales specialist at 647-809-5137 or info@sunnywellenergy.com.
  • Our products have the original manufacturer warranty, and the respective manufacturers handle technical support.
  • Please allow 2-24 hours to receive a confirmation email that SunnyWell Energy has received the order.
  • In case the order has been processed, SunnyWell Energy has the right to charge a 5% fee to change your order.
  • Please note that we accept the following payment methods: direct deposit, credit cards, and cheques. For direct deposit, please use info@sunnywellenergy.com.
  • We process all orders during the weekdays send out tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse.
  • Payment must be received in full before the start of processing the order.
  • Only fully paid orders will be shipped. 
  • Please be aware that a 3rd party handles the shipping of the orders. SunnyWell Energy is not responsible for any delays in delivery and damages caused by the delivery.
Order Cancellation
  • We are here to help you determine the best product for your needs. However, if cancellation is needed, please allow us 24 hours to process the request.
  • If the order hasn’t been processed, no cancellation fee applies.
  • For an authorized order, a fee of up to 30% applies depending on the supplier. 
  • Please note that special products are to be ordered upon the customer’s written acknowledgment and cannot be cancelled.
  • Damaged product. Please make sure you carefully inspect the condition and quantity of the products upon delivery. We recommend checking products while the driver is still present, as you can have the right to deny the shipment.  Product damages that the delivery has not caused can be returned only 48 hours after the delivery.
  • Standard return. You have 30 days to return a product. Please note that this doesn’t apply to specially ordered items from the manufacturer. Custom orders cannot be returned.
  • Please keep in mind that the customer is responsible for the goods’ condition until they are returned to SunnyWell Energy.
  • The original manufacturer warranty covers all products. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty information for exact details. 
  • If you need to submit a warranty claim, repair the item, or schedule a service, you can directly reach out to the manufacturer. You can always let us know, and we will be happy to get in touch with the manufacturer. 

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“Very knowledgable, easy to communicate. I learned a LOT. Would hire again. Thanks.”

Solar panels for boats

Once again, SunnyWell team have been extremely helpful, providing useful information regarding our marine solar panel system as we explore options. As the project comes to fruition later we will work with them again.”

Off-Grid Solar Assistance

Very happy with results. Work was done on schedule. Vlad was quick to respond to my questions and change requests. Thank you!!!”

 Off-Grid PV Design

“Fantastic engineer. Vlad did exceed the project requirements by adding additional detail to PV system. He has submitted the work on time. Very highly recommended PS system designer.”

Residential Off-Grid system

Vlad was great to work with. He is very responsive, detailed, and was able to develop great specs for our off-grid project. Looking forward to working with SunnyWell Energy again.”

Solar panels + diagram for electrical camping van

“smart, professional, nice, fast, completed everything exactly as we hoped for”



Air Condition Solar Design

Great experience”

Solar Power Design

“Vlad was extremely patient and understanding. His honestly was most appreciated/valued at the start of the project by telling us his strengths and weakness. In the end SunnyWell Energy team delivered what was discussed and expected.”