Victron charge controllers settings for charging Lithium-Ion batteries

Victron charge controllers are the most programmable solar chargers on the market. They can be manually set to charge any battery chemistry. The following are the settings for lithium-ion batteries.

You have to go to the User Defined settings menu and make these changes:

  • Absorption voltage: 14.6 volts (acceptable range is 14.4 to 14.6 volts)
  • Absorption Time: The recommended settings for our lithium batteries is half an hour per 100ah of LiFePO4 battery (for example if you have 2 -100ah batteries select 1 hour).
  • Float Voltage: 13.5 volts (13.6 volts or lower is acceptable for LiFePO4 batteries)
  • Equalization voltage: 14.4 volts (you do not need to equalize Lithium-ion, you will have equalize turned off!)
  • Temperature Compensation: should be disabled on Lithium Deep Cycle batteries because they do not need to be compensated, leave this off.
  • Low-Temperature cut-off: In case the low temperature charging protection built into your battery, it’s monitored by the Battery Management system which is also built-in. You can leave this off too, some other brands do not have the battery low temp cut-off. In this case, set it to 3 degrees Celsius.

Make sure the other charge controller brands that you are considering don’t set the charging parameters by the battery state of charge measured in percentage unit as it will be very misleading.

May the solar power be with you!

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