Reliable Extension Cord for EV charger: A Comprehensive Resource for home charging

When the L2 charger is positioned just a bit too far from your electric vehicle’s connector, and the narrow parking spaces won’t allow you to shimmy closer, don’t worry! Introducing an extension cord for EV charger – your trusty sidekick for that extra reach. The EV extension cords listed below effortlessly connect to chargers with J1772 plugs, ensuring a seamless charging experience. Check out the list below, find the perfect configuration, and don’t hesitate to hit us up with any burning questions! 🔌🚗✨

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The cheapest option

EV Charger Extension Cable 40Amp, 20ft

for J1772 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Every EV owner needs this extra-long, super-safe charging extension cable! It is compatible cable comes with a handy bag and connects your charger to your car, easily bypassing obstacles along the way.

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Key Features:
Plug and Play Compatibility: The extension cable is designed to work seamlessly with all SAE J1772 Safety Protocols, ensuring a hassle-free and safe 40Amp charge for your electric vehicle.
Length: The 20-foot extension cable allows you to park your car comfortably away from the power source. No more maneuvering or limited options.
Built Tough: Durability matters. It’s built with high-strength ABS material, making it sturdy and reliable. Plus, with IP66 waterproofing, charging is safe in any weather.
Smart Design: The Silver Plating J1772 Inlet is for more than just for show. It enhances conductivity and safeguards against overheating, ensuring a more intelligent and safer charging process for your EV.
Worry-Free Purchase: Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty. If you encounter any issues, they’ve got you covered.

Good alternative

EV Charger Extension Cable 40Amp, 21ft

for J1772 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

You can confidently use this extension cable with a wide range of charging setups, making it a convenient and versatile solution for your electric vehicle charging needs.

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We’ve had the opportunity to test this extension cord for ev charger personally a few times at our facility. It has consistently delivered excellent performance. We even tried to charge a car at 48 amps with no signs of overheating. However, we don’t recommend trying it, as it was just a stress test to see how the cable holds up. The connections are robust, and the cord perfectly balances strength and flexibility, even in colder temperatures. The thoughtful packaging and handy bag add convenience, ensuring a neat and organized experience during travel. Overall, we’ve been happy with this product so far.

Extended version of extension cord for EV charger

Extended length

EV Charger Extension Cable 40Amp, 40ft

for J1772 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Versatile 40Amp EV Charging Cable Compatible with All J1772 EV Chargers, Ideal for All J1772 EVs. Features IP66 Rating for Safety, Comes with Carrying Bag, and Offers Flexible EV Extension Cord Solution

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While the 40ft cable may seem similar to the 20ft cord, our thorough testing at the facility reveals a crucial distinction. We advise against using these cords on 40A units. The extended range can potentially lower voltage on the Control Pilot ports between the car and the charger, negatively impacting the overall charging experience. We recommend these cables for optimal performance with 32A home EV chargers.

Final verdict

Following tests on three cables, we observed a rise in temperature along the length of the EV extension cable at different connection points. The chargers push a substantial load over longer distances, especially when exposed to direct sunlight, increasing the temperature. For peace of mind, we do not recommend using long-distance EV extension cables, ideally keeping it at a maximum of 24ft. Be cautious about the 40-feet option. For safety reasons, we recommend limiting usage to 32A charging over a 40A-rated cable, as these cables lack UL and ETL certifications.


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