Energizer Arc Solar 120

Original price was: $400.00.Current price is: $355.00.

  • Built to withstand various weather conditions
  • Exceptionally portable!
  • Equipped with USB fast-charging ports
  • Convenient to carry, takes mere seconds to set up
  • Delivers 120 Watts of output power under full sunlight!
  • Capable of charging any 12V battery bank
  • Backed by a reliable 2-year warranty

Introducing the Arc Solar 120 portable solar panel—a compact, foldable powerhouse that harnesses the sun’s energy to provide free power for recharging batteries, smartphones, and tablets off-grid.

Built for Portability: The sleek design features Quick Connect magnetic buckles, a removable shoulder strap, mounting grommets, and an integrated kickstand for optimal sun positioning.

Highly Versatile: Compatible with Arc3, Arc5, and most 3rd party power stations. Note: A charge controller and adapters may be required.

Serious Power: With a 120W capacity, this panel can generate 550Wh of power on a sunny day. That’s equivalent to running a CPAP machine for 3 nights, charging a smartphone 45 times, or fully recharging an Energizer Arc5 or Arc3 power station.

USB Power On-the-Go: Charge your smart devices anywhere the sun shines with 2 Standard charge USB ports and 1 Fast charge USB port.

Off-Grid Freedom: Remember, solar panels output power when the sun shines but don’t store it. Pair the Arc Solar 120 with an Arc power station for complete off-grid freedom.


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