Hanwha Solar Q.PEAK DUO ML-G10.A+

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anwha 66-cell module (actually 132 split-cells) with 405 Watt peak output. Korean-based Hanwha  is an A-brand solar module producer that delivers very consistent perfectly-made modules that simply perform as advertised, year after year, for a price that is hard to beat. The cells are made in Germany by the Q-Cell company (now owned by Hanwha), designed to achieve the best performance under real-word conditions – even with low radiation intensity and on hot summer days.

These are black-frame & white-backsheet panels. 

Hanwha Solar Q PEAK DUO ML-G10.a+ 405 Watt, 66-cell (132 split-cell) mono PV module, black-frame white-backsheet, MC4 connectors, cUL


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