Sol-Ark 12K Hybrid Inverter: A versatile all-in-one solution code compliant solution with a maximum PV capacity of 13kW

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Presenting a 48 Volt All-In-One inverter, a reliable and feature-packed solution:

  • Suitable for outdoor installation
  • Convenient cell phone app and remote monitoring via the Internet
  • Built-in 250A DC battery breaker
  • 12 kW solar PV battery charger and 185 Amp charger from AC & solar PV
  • Dual-MPPT for solar PV, supporting up to 500 Volt DC
  • Seamless integration with Tigo TS-4F units for Rapid Shutdown
  • 63 Amp 240V split-phase (15kW) pass-through capability
  • 9000 Watt continuous AC output, with a peak of 16kW for 10 seconds
  • Compatibility with lithium-ion, AGM, GEL, and flooded batteries
  • Integrated relay for automatic-generator-start (AGS) functionality
  • UL & CSA-listed for safety and compliance
  • Backed by a robust 10-year warranty

Introducing the Sol-Ark 12K-2P-N, a versatile 9kW All-In-One inverter suitable for off-grid and grid-tied applications, providing backup power, peak-shaving, or load-shedding. Bridging the gap between battery-less grid-tie inverters and off-grid systems, it can export excess solar PV to create an effective net-metering system.

Connect up to 13,000 Watts of solar PV for charging batteries or exporting to the grid. The Sol-Ark inverter features two independent MPPT inputs, supporting a wide voltage range of 125 – 500 Volt, allowing for long PV strings for simplified installation.

With a built-in transfer switch, the Sol-Ark inverter seamlessly switches from grid-tie to off-grid mode in just 4ms, serving as an efficient Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to prevent disruptions, ideal for powering computers.

Stack up to 8 Sol-Ark 12K-P inverters for a 240V split-phase system (64kW total) with a single battery bank. For a 3-phase 208V system, up to 9 Sol-Ark inverters can be stacked, providing a 72kW system.

Meeting all grid-tie regulations and requirements, including UL/CSA-listing for the USA and Canada, the Sol-Ark inverter minimizes the need for additional equipment with AFCI and GFCI included in the solar PV input.

Choose the Sol-Ark 12K-2P-N for a reliable and code-compliant solution for your energy needs.


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