Victon BMV-712 Smart Battery monitor

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  • Built-in bluetooth
  • Battery voltage, current, power, ampere-hours consumed and state of charge indicators
  • VE.Direct communication port
  • Includes 500 Amp quick connect shunt and connection kit
  • Can be used with 12V, 24V and 48V batteries
  • Low current draw from a battery
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The BMV Smart battery monitor will precisely measure and provide the battery bank state of charge (SOC). Apart from the SOC percentage, it gives the number of Amp-hours left until the battery is depleted. This product’s key feature is the integrated Bluetooth that unveils the Internet of Things (IoT) world to the solar sector. Having a wireless communication will simplify the system monitoring and assist a user in regulating their energy consumption.
We know that sometimes it is challenging to see how much energy is left in your expensive battery bank, especially when dealing with lithium-ion batteries; this is where the BMV-712 comes in handy! It uses a shunt, a highly accurate resistor that measures the current flow in a circuit.

We have a few tips and tricks on installing it properly, so do not hesitate to shoot us a message!

1 review for Victon BMV-712 Smart Battery monitor

  1. Ken Raymond

    The BMV-712 is a great product. The price was the best I could find at this time. Very happy with this product. It was easier than I thought to set it up. I used the set-up from battleborns website for the lithium. The service is great here with no pushing you into anything and take your time to decide what you want. Very happy with the way everything went as to the purchasing and delivery. I will be back soon to get the other things needed for solar.

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