Victron charge controller MPPT 100/20


  • Built-in smart Bluetooth!
  • Operates with 12V/24V systems
  • Max 100 VDC input and max 20 Amp output
  • No cooling fan, no break! Convection cooling is used
  • Maximum efficiency exceeds 98%
  • Over-temperature protection

A smart charger controller harvests the solar-to-battery energy flow, maximizing its efficiency and extending a battery life expectancy. Operates with various battery technologies (e.g. lithium-ion LiFePO4, flooded lead-acid, AGM and Gel). The smart solar charge controller will start charging even if the battery has been discharged to zero volts. It works with 12V and 24V systems and can handle up to 288W of solar in a 12V configuration and 570W in a 24V configuration.


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