Victron Energy – Multi Plus-II – 12/3000/120 – UL


  • Remote on-off functionality
  • 4-stage built-in charger
  • Built-in single or dual 50 Amp automatic transfer switch
  • True sine-wave output for running all appliances
  • Built-in battery monitor and auto-generator start
  • Stackable for three-phase and split-phase capability
  • Up to 6 MultiPlus inverters per phase
  • PowerAssist to boost shore power with additional inverter power
  • VE.bus communications port for parallel operations and accessories
  • Adaptive charger automatically adjusts within shore power limits
  • 3000 VA or 2400 Watt continuous output power, with a peak output of 5500 Watts.

Introducing the Multi Plus-II, a powerful integration of the Multi Plus and Multi Grid. With all the features of the Multi Plus, it offers an optional external current transformer for Power Control and Power Assist, enhancing self-consumption (max. 32A). Additionally, it includes Multi Grid features with built-in anti-islanding and various country approvals.

Versatile Power Management: Prevent overloading limited AC sources with Power Assist. The Multi Plus-II adjusts battery charging to avoid overloads and can boost generator or shore supply output using stored battery power.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS): As a crucial component in Victron ESS systems, the Multi Plus-II integrates seamlessly with MPPT Solar Chargers or Grid-tie PV Inverters. Refer to the ESS manual for detailed information.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) Function: In grid failures or power disconnections, the Multi Plus-II’s inverter activates within 20 milliseconds, ensuring uninterrupted power to connected loads. Ideal for sensitive electronics.

Remote Monitoring and Control: Enhance control by pairing with a GX device like Cerbo GX. Monitor and control your system locally (LAN) or remotely via the internet using the free VRM app and portal. Enjoy comprehensive control options from various devices and operating systems.


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