Victron MultiPlus Inverter/Charger 3000 12V

  • Dimension 14.3″x10.2″x8.6″
  • Pure sine wave inverter/charger used in a 12V application
  • 2400W continuous with 6000W peak power output for a short period of time
  • Built-In adaptive 4 stage battery charger
  • Built-In 50A automatic transfer switch
  • Intelligent power management with Power Control and PowerAssist features
  • Two AC outputs, each at 120VAC
  • Three phase and split phase option
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The Victron MultiPlus series inverter/charger contains an inverter that inverts DC to AC and a converter/charger that can charge the batteries from the AC sources such as a shore or backup generator. This model is a 120VAC pure-sine wave that runs most small household loads (e.g. fridge, pump, laptop, lights, etc.) and has no problem running even picky electronics. The adaptive charging profile keeps the battery bank healthy, prolonging the lifespan of your expensive batteries. The current unit is genuinely a top-notch power electronic that will make your sustainable energy experience easy and enjoyable. Apart from charging the primary battery bank, the Multiplus can trickle charge the starter battery.

Please note this model is only used with the 12V system configuration. 



Pure sine wave – the sine wave of an inverter is as accurate and even more accurate than what’s coming out of the house’s socket. A high-efficiency full FET bridge accomplishes it.

Power control – prevents a shore or generator from being overloaded. The AC input can be manually adjusted. For example, the AC loads need 30A @120VAC so that generator input can be set at 15A, and a battery bank will supply the rest 15A.

Power Assist – increases the shore or generator capacity. This feature adds up to the Power Control feature, making it a truly hybrid inverter. For example, the shore is limited to 30A @120VAC output, but the loads need 50A. The MultiPlus will bypass a 30A from the shore to the load, compensating the other 20A from the battery bank.

Weight 40 lbs
Max battery charging rate



5 years


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