Victron Energy Phoenix Charger 12/50 120-240V


  • Weighing just 8 lbs.
  • this charger comes equipped with a temperature sensor for precision.
  • Customize the absorb time (1-8 hours), absorb and float voltage (12.0-16.0V), and charge current (adjustable in 1A increments).
  • With a broad input voltage range (90-265V AC and 90-400V DC), it ensures global compatibility.
  • Enjoy dual full-current rated charge outputs, along with a dedicated 4A output for starter battery maintenance.
  • A lightweight powerhouse for versatile charging needs.

Introducing the Victron Phoenix Charger – a robust solution designed to industrial standards. Featuring an adaptive 4-stage charge model (bulk, absorption, float, and storage), this charger is equipped with two full-rated outputs and an additional 4 Amp output for maintaining starter batteries. The microprocessor-controlled adaptive battery management system can be preset for various battery types, automatically optimizing the charge process based on usage.

With an exceptionally wide input voltage range, the Phoenix Charger accepts both AC and DC, accommodating a global range of power supplies. Suitable for all battery types, including Lithium-ion (LiFePO4), it offers adjustable charge voltages and currents. The adaptive absorb time ensures efficient charging, shortening for shallow discharges and extending after deep discharges.

BatterySafe mode prevents damage from excessive gassing by limiting voltage increase, while storage mode maintains battery charge with minimal maintenance. The temperature compensation, facilitated by the included sensor, adjusts charge voltage based on battery temperature. Additionally, the optional MK3-USB interface enables connection to a computer or compatible cell phone, allowing customization of charge parameters using the VictronConnect software. Unleash the power of versatility with the Victron Phoenix Charger – the ultimate choice for reliable and adaptive charging.


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