Victron Energy – Quattro 48/10000/140-100


  • Remote on-off for convenient control
  • Built-in 4-stage charger for efficient charging
  • Dual 100 Amp automatic transfer switches integrated for seamless transitions
  • True sine-wave output, powering all your appliances
  • Stackable design supports three-phase and split-phase configurations with up to 6 inverters per phase
  • PowerAssist boosts shore power with extra inverter capacity
  • VE.bus communications port enables parallel operations and accessory connections
  • Adaptive charger automatically adjusts within shore power limits
  • Impressive continuous output power of 10,000 VA or 8000 Watts, with a peak output of 20,000 Watts.



The Victron Quattro, packed with features like “Power Assist,” safeguards against AC source overload. It automatically adjusts battery charging to prevent overload, and in case of grid failure, seamlessly switches to inverter power in under 20 milliseconds, ensuring uninterrupted operation for electronic devices. With a dual 100 Amp automatic transfer switch, it handles two AC sources, and a second outlet is available for non-critical loads during outages. Connect up to 6 Quattros for higher power output, and achieve three-phase or 240 Volt split-phase operation. Monitor and control remotely with optional GX devices, offering unparalleled system management. The Quattro includes a 4-stage adaptive 140 Amp charger for efficient charging.


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