Victron Quattro 5000 48 Volt


  • Features remote on-off capability
  • Built-in 4-stage charger for efficient battery charging
  • Equipped with dual 100 Amp automatic transfer switches
  • Delivers a true sine-wave output, compatible with all appliances
  • Offers three-phase and split-phase capabilities through stacking
  • Allows stacking of up to 6 MultiPlus inverters per phase
  • PowerAssist function boosts shore power with additional inverter power
  • Includes a VE.bus communications port for parallel operations and accessories
  • Adaptive charger adjusts automatically within shore power limits
  • Provides 5000 VA or 4000 Watt continuous output power, with a peak output of 10,000 Watts

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 The Victron Quattro, a feature-rich counterpart to the MultiPlus! With “Power Assist,” it prevents overloads from limited AC sources like generators. The Quattro automatically adjusts battery charging to prevent overload and can boost generator or shore supply output with battery power.

During grid failure, the Quattro’s inverter activates in under 20 milliseconds, ensuring uninterrupted power for critical loads. An additional AC outlet serves non-critical loads during outages. Dual AC inputs enable connection to two independent sources, managed by a dual 100 Amp automatic transfer switch.

Parallel operation of up to 6 Quattros increases total power output, allowing three-phase or 240 Volt split-phase operation. Coupled with the optional GX device, like the Cerbo GX, you can monitor and control the Quattro locally or remotely via the internet using the free VRM app and portal.

Equipped with a 4-stage adaptive charger (220 Amp for 12V, 120 Amp for 24V), the Quattro ensures efficient charging. Explore unparalleled control and reliability with the Victron Quattro, offering advanced features for versatile power management.



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